Cruise Ship Jobs - How Long Will it Take You to Get One?

Published: 11th February 2010
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If you have been applying for cruise ship jobs for any length of time, you should read this short yet inspirational message containing an important lesson.

It was written by Karen from the UK who got hired as Digital Living Presenter working for P&O Cruises on the Aurora which travelled around the Mediterranean and America:

"It has been a while as to be honest I ALMOST gave up. I have been bashing away since early December, then I was advised some positions can be a 3-5 month wait so I thought ok I will chill for a while... but the more I struggle each day to get of bed and do my current job which I am so BORED with, the more I started thinking 'I best take action and just keep going...'

"Finally it has paid off!! I have just accepted a job as a Digital Living Presenter and will be flown to Gibraltar on April 26th in order to board the Aurora on the 27th!"

The moral of the message is this: with the cruise industry you just never know how long it will take you to get hired. We've had so many members who were hired within days (literally) and many others who landed a job on a cruise ship within months.

Either way, the people who always succeeded in the end were the people who, like Karen, simply refused to give in and just kept going until they landed their dream job.

While Karen is intelligent enough to know that it will be a big life adjustment at first and even hard going at times (varied working hours and homesickness!). At the same time she knows she's in for an amazing adventure... she'll get to meet all kinds of new people, visit exciting, exotic destinations and enjoy a great life experience.

And that is an objective that is most definitely worth chasing with persistence and determination!

But approximately 97% of cruise ship jobs are NEVER advertised, and you may not even realise it.

Therefore most positions are filled even PRIOR to them being advertised - by people who simply sent off their CV/resumes and put themselves in front of the cruise line for the position they really wanted.

If you're serious about working on cruise ships, then don't wait for the jobs you want to be advertised, just apply for them anyway.

There are far too many applications who just wait for their 'dream job' to appear on an employment website - when the reality is the job they want has already been filled by somebody who just took a chance and applied for it anyway.

Indeed, this is exactly how I got hired!

As well as looking out for vacancies to appear on job sites such as, it is also extremely important to be proactive and apply directly to as many cruise line companies as you can.

Don't wait around waiting for a job on a cruise ship to fall in your lap - just apply right now!


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