Master the Cruise Ship Job Interview - Prepare, Practice - Hired!

Published: 03rd March 2010
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Earlier this week, one of our members posted this on our Discussion Forum about her cruise ship job interview:

"I had an interview with Harding Brothers in December 2009 and I didn't get hired."

She further explained that she then had an interview with Starboard Cruise Services approximately one month later (January). She then writes, "Two and a half hours after the interview (with Starboard) I got a call back from the HR Assistant saying I got hired."

In her post she encourages other members to "keep believing." The interview where you weren't offered a job is not an failure. "Rather just see it as practice" she continues.

Although you may think that you are prepared for the interview, there are many factors why you may not land a job with your first attempt.

For starters, make sure you are not making one of many common mistakes, such as not asking specific questions or having poor non-verbal communication.

But, even if you are well prepared, there are other factors that may prevent you from being hired. For example, they might have hired a more qualified applicant or maybe you and the interviewer just didn't click.

There can be so many other reasons.

Another point to consider in preparing yourself for an interview is the international nature of the cruise line business and, with modern technology, you may be required to use some type of digital medium for a long distance interview.

So, let's say you've been waiting ever so patiently for a cruise line to call or email you and schedule an interview with you. And then the day comes and they want to conduct a Skype interview with you in a couple of days. Will you be prepared? Have you ever even used Skype?

Skype is a fairly new way that a lot companies and agencies like to conduct interviews, however a lot of applicants have never used Skype before. There are some other things that you should take into consideration besides simply downloading and installing the Skype software.

Know how to use it. Get familiar with it. Practice with your friends or family so you don't look like you just learned how to use it (even if you did!).

It is not acceptable to conduct the interview in your pajamas because this is, to all intents and purposes, still a face-to-face interview. Wear what you would to a traditional face-to-face interview. And, if you can, bring your computer to a part of your home where the background does not show your dirty laundry or a messy kitchen.

It is very important to have the phone number of the interviewer on hand. Should you have any unforeseen technical problems, you will be able to contact them to advise them of what has occurred.

So, when the going is tough, don't give up!! Cruise lines and agencies are constantly hiring. If a door seems to shut for you with one, try another and view your cruise ship job interview experience as being able to learn from your mistakes. Prepare and practice!!


Neil Maxwell-Keys is a former crewmember, hiring expert and founder of a website dedicated to showing you how to realize your dream of landing cruise ship jobs. Get Neils *free* insider's report by visiting =>

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