Where to Find Cruise Ship Job Vacancies

Published: 21st January 2009
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For the best chance of finding cruise ship vacancies it's worth following a specific plan of action.

Trawling the top websites searching for jobs unfortunately isn't enough. In this industry, a much more pro-active approach is required.

Usually when people are looking for cruise ship jobs, their first stop is recruitment websites. However, did you know around 97% of vacancies are never advertised?

That doesn't mean to say you should ignore these sites - of course not - however if you're really keen to get a cruise job then it's important that you take that extra step.

The jobs that are not advertised, how do they get filled? Well, most of them are snapped up, long before they even need to be advertised, by eager job seekers who apply directly to the cruise ship companies.

Just because you haven't seen cruise ship vacancies advertised doesn't mean the jobs don't exist or aren't available. Many people keep one step ahead by posting cover letters and targeted resumes directly to cruise line employers to ensure they're in with a good chance of getting just the job they want.

If there is a particular job you fancy doing onboard and have never noticed a vacancy advertised, don't assume no staff are needed or the post isn't available. Try this pro-active approach and you may be pleasantly surprised!

Often there are positions totally unique to a cruise line, or even a particular cruise ship, and these little-known positions rarely get advertised. Unless they're an experienced cruiser or have spoken to crewmembers, a person on the outside would have no clue that these types of positions even exist.

Many cruise ship vacancies come under this 'insider position' tag such as jobs within ice rinks, cinemas, bowling alleys, internet cafes or any other leisure amenities. If the vessel has the feature on board, then it stands to reason that crew will be needed to operate it.

Many of the super liners have features like these - and many more. Some smaller liners may have too but remember - positions like this are rarely advertised.

Another great way of finding out what's available is by attending a cruise ship job fair. Many companies are now using this method to attract staff and promote their business.

Auditions and interview days are also a new way of hiring and along with job fairs are a great way of meeting current staff, getting insider information on life and work onboard, as well as giving you an excellent opportunity to make a good impression.

Recruitment days and job fairs are held throughout the year in many different countries and locations. Keep an eye out for one near you, as they are a great way of getting hired quickly.

In order to be successful it's always a good idea to be proactive when seeking out jobs. Staying a step ahead and actively seeking out cruise ship vacancies will give you that added advantage over your competitors and mean you're first in the queue when it comes to available jobs.


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